Paint Play is my first book…

“Through a series of 21 simple, achievable activities ‘Paint Play’ takes you on a journey of fun, accessible watercolour techniques designed to help you let go of the fear, be bold and experiment.”

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The Story…

I was genuinely over the moon when I was asked to work on this commission by my publishers, Michael O’Mara Books as I have been teaching workshops for almost ten years, and consider it a central part of my work as an illustrator.

Through the course of over a year we planned, refined and designed the techniques to create a broad selection of satisfyingly simple, effective and impressive tasks which I hope will help people to understand how watercolour works so they can bring their own idea’s to life.

Play has always been an integral part to my practice, so it made perfect sense that this is the central message behind the book. To help bring this out I took three months in 2018 to work remotely, travelling through Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia, working in some of the most beautiful places to infuse a sense of fun, colour and play into the book…